Special Services



Outdoor Hot Jacuzzi

Prominent among the green grasses and plants, blended with the blue sky, immense blue sea and beautiful sunshine. With a capacity of up to 40 people, it has become the first and only heated outdoor hot Jacuzzi in the capital of Muine resort. And of course, only available at Novela Muine Resort & Spa.

Great place for relaxation, and natural healthcare therapy. Immerse yourself in hot water and romantic space. All your tiredness will be dispelled thanks to the mental relaxation. Then, you will be able to visit and explore all the local attractions. Save the wonderful memories and enjoy your stay at Novela resort fully and nostalgically.



You would like to to find a perfect place to enjoy the space and time with your family, relatives, and friends at night? Come to the outdoor live session at Sailing Club, here international and Vietnamese songs with diverse music genres, ranging from Hip Hop, Latin, Pop, Rock, lyrical to country music, Blues, Cha Cha, etc. are performed every night.

All are performed through beautiful and sweet vocals of band members from Philippines in different languages: English, Russian, French, Latin, Korean, Chinese and of course, Vietnamese. You can request your favorite songs for your friends and relatives or you can sing for them by yourself. Come to experience and feel!